We usually spend about four hours a day on the river (depending on conditions), traveling in our large, self-bailing rafts. The river current acts as our motor: all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the scenery.

In camp, there’s plenty of time for exploring. Walk the banks of a glacial stream, or simply relax and watch the bald eagles and snow geese fly by.

At trip’s end, we’ll hike through the coastal rainforest to Great Glacier for a picnic, and then float down to Border House, for jetboat pickup, with time to watch for Shakes’ Glacier to calve before heading back to town.

“Stikine” means “Great River.” Our raft trips are the best way to experience it. 

Stikine Rafting

This is our signature trip, and travel writers have called it “the best thing you can do in Alaska.”

Our 11-day trips are all inclusive, and after orientation, start with a flight to Telegraph Creek, British Columbia. The flight itself is a treat, with views of the Stikine Icefields and the vast volcanic region around Mt. Edziza.

It’s five days of travel to get back downriver, after we spend a day hiking the spectacular countryside around Telegraph Creek.

The Stikine is a Class II river, which means there aren’t many rapids, but the water moves fast. Not so fast that you can’t marvel at the scenery, though: untouched mountains, vast stretches of forest, and always the chance of spotting moose, bear, and maybe even wolves.

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Stikine Float Trip